Date: 30 Jun 2024

Location: KW

Company: Alghanim Industries

Job Summary

To utilize knowledge of positional skills, customer service and courtesy, health and safety regulations and all Wendy’s food safety, safety and security and employee policies and procedures; the crew member position is responsible for providing quality products and service in a clean and safe environment to each and every customer. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Order-taker/Dining Room
    • This person is around the dining room customers during their entire visit.The first responsibility of the order taker / dining room position is taking the orders of customers in the serpentine when four or more customers are in line
  • Kitchen
    • Daily restaurant opening preparations – use of knives and cutting equipment
    • To prepare food as per customer orders
    • Detail cleaning during low volume period
    • Daily restaurant closing
  • Runner / Line Coordinator
    • These positions are responsible for seeing that all orders, whether for the Dining Room or Pick up Window are assembled correctly within the stated time goals for the specific restaurant.On the front service line, the line coordinator/runner must be able to:
      • Assist the register operator with filling orders
      • Must know proper serving and bagging procedures and be able to ball all “to go orders”
      • Thank each customer as they receive their completed order
      • Make sure each bagged order is complete, with the receipt placed in the bag after the order is completed
      • Keep bagged orders separated at the window to prevent the wrong order from going out the window

Candidate Requirements

  • One (1) or more years of restaurant experience


Bachelor’s Degree