Foreman - Production

Date: 23 Jun 2024

Location: Ras Al Khaimah, AE

Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

Foreman is responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly at plant and being the point of contact between the factory workers and supervisors. A few of the main duties of a foreman are coordinating tasks for the day, creating schedules for workers, oversee quality of the site, and have to report the progress of the project to superiors. 

Job Responsibilities

•    To supervise the workers in the shop floor.
•    To guide the welders/fabricators /helpers for the job requirement.
•    To prepare the daily attendance in the shop floor.
•    To check the quality of the workmanship of the welder, after satisfactory result this job will be offered to the quality controller for inspection
•    After Q.C approval the job is sent to the next process.
•    To prepare the production report and control the man-hour in the shop floor.
•    To assist to issue the necessary tools PPE & consumable to the welder.
•    To contact safety tool meeting every day after lunch break.
•     To motivate the employees for high production with good quality as per the customers requirement
•    After completing, job confirmation in the SAP.
•    To be knowledge SAP (production planning module)
•     Raw material requisition through SAP. 
•     Consumable requisition through SAP.
•     Production order confirmation. through SAP,
•     Breakdown notification through SAP.  
•    To be check the welding procedure and standers

Candidate Requirements

Minimum Experience & Essential Knowledge
4 Years
Minimum Entry Qualifications
Higher School / Diploma
Fluency in Hindi and English speaking
Technical & non-technical
Thorough knowledge of the standard tools, equipment, materials, methods, and practices of the trades commensurate to assigned duties.
Thorough knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions of the welding and fitting.
Considerable knowledge of the properties of ferrous and non ferrous metal encountered in welding tasks.
Ability to supervise the work of subordinate journeymen and helpers.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with personnel of other department.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written instruction and to work from sketches, diagrams, blue print, and broken parts.
Ability to communicate clearly and care tools and concisely orally and in writing.
Skill in the use and care of tools and equipment used on work assignments.