Sales Engineer

Date: 18 Jun 2024

Location: KW

Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

The Sales Engineer is responsible for the implementation of the sales plan to achieve the target and increase the department growth by optimizing the sales and market share of the existing products.

Job Responsibilities

•    Always looking for new customers and sales channels and searching the market for potential initiatives. 
•    Delivering the technical and sales presentation to the potential customers, explain the plans clearly and be ready for any customer enquiry during the meetings
•    Clearly revealing the pros and cons of each brand and acting as an honest mentor to the customers looking to keep the long term relationships.
•    Meeting customers mainly MEW to introduce our products, attending prequalification meetings and seeking MEW approval for Lighting and Solar systems.
•    Being available for customers’ queries and questions.
•    Preparing, reviewing, and qualifying the technical drawings and designs with the customer in preparation for the installation stage.
•    Being customer-oriented providing the highest level of services to the company clients. Improving networking with customers by keeping updated records and database.
•    Always looking for ways to improve the department profits by promoting the available services to satisfy the sales targets.
•    Being legally, socially, and environmentally responsible, acting as an ambassador presenting the professional and healthy image of Alghanim Industries. 
•    Liaising with Marketing department to propose the necessary marketing tools. 
•    Continuously keeping an updated customers’ information.

Candidate Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering field
  • Up to 5 years of experience in direct sales activities. Working in the same field is a must.
  • Creativity:  Being able to think of new systems and new ways to work. Being able to think creatively and ask the right questions.
  • Analytical Skills: Being able to understand complex mathematical analysis, calculus, and other mathematics for design and troubleshooting.
  • Lighting / Street Lighting /Solar systems knowledge: Having the ability to use equipment and tools, able to read lux calculation reports
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to develop new solutions to problems. Having the skills to identify the source of the problem, create, and test solutions.
  • Teamwork: Having to work well with others in order to get the job done.
  • Listening Skills: Listening to workers, teammates, end user, and management is crucial to an engineer's job.
  • Communication Skills: Being able to communicate plans, thoughts, and rationale in the job. Good communication skills will greatly help in accomplishing the job.