Sr. IT Manager - Data Analytics

Date: 9 May 2023

Location: KW

Company: Alghanim Industries

Job Summary

IT Manager – Data Analytics, AI, ML. will help drive Alghanim Industries’ efforts to leverage data to gain insights that facilitate better decision making, customer-focused marketing, and improved business / financial performance. Manager will provide technical and thought leadership, and work collaboratively across the various business units. The candidate will help us to jump to the next level by implementing Data Governance and new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:    
·        Formulate strategy and roadmap for analytics across business units.    
·        Lead cross-functional projects using advanced data modelling and analysis techniques to discover insights that will guide strategic decisions and uncover optimization opportunities.    
·        Build, develop and maintain data models, reporting systems, data automation systems, dashboards and performance metrics that support key business decisions.    
·        Design and build technical processes to address business issues.    
·        Oversee the design and delivery of reports, performance metrics, and insights that analyze key business functions and operations.    
·        Recruit, train, develop and supervise analyst-level employees.    
·        Ensure accuracy of data and deliverables of Data Analytics team with comprehensive policies and processes.    
·        Deliver elements of systems design including extraction, staging and reporting; viz. solution architecture.    
·        Required to work with internal and external BI resources to deliver projects and support.    
·        Vendor empanelment and management.    
·        Examine, interpret and report results of analytical initiatives to stakeholders in leadership, technology, sales, marketing and product teams.    
·        Oversee the data/report requests process: tracking requests submitted, prioritization, approval, etc.    
·        Develop and implement quality controls and departmental standards to ensure quality standards, organizational expectations, and regulatory requirements.    
·        Anticipate future demands of initiatives related to people, technology, budget and business within your department and design/implement solutions to meet these needs.    
·        Organize and drive successful completion of data insight initiatives through effective management of analyst and data employees and effective collaboration with stakeholders.     
·        Leverage analytics techniques to contribute to company growth efforts, increasing revenue and other key business outcomes.    
·        Conduct technology and partner evaluations    
·        Interface with business partners for roadmaps, requirements, and projects.    
·        Conduct end user training to drive self-service reporting.    
·        Ensure appropriate error handing, identification and notification procedures are present on all processes.    

Candidate Requirements

General Business Skills:    
·        Extensive experience interacting and partnering with senior executives.    
·        Excellent communication, collaboration and delegation skills.    
·        Excellent presentation skills.    
·        Experience managing large complex BI projects and teams.    
·        Proven ability to complete projects and achieve results in an ambiguous work environment.    
·        Proven strong leadership skills within the project team and in the business community.    
·        Proven ability to establish and articulate a vision, set goals, develop and execute strategies, and track and measure results.    
·        Proven ability to build and motivate a team.    
·        Proven strong negotiating and consensus building abilities.    
·        Proven skills to work effectively across internal & external functional areas.    
Technical Skills:    
·        Working knowledge of data mining principles: predictive analytics, mapping, collecting data from multiple data systems on premises and cloud-based data sources.    
·        In depth expertise in Enterprise Data Warehousing tools such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Spark, MSSQL etc.    
·        Strong DB & SQL skills, ability to perform effective querying involving multiple tables and subqueries.    
·        Understanding of and experience using analytical concepts and statistical techniques: hypothesis development, designing tests/experiments, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and developing actionable recommendations for business units.    
·        Experience and knowledge of statistical modeling techniques: GLM multiple regression, logistic regression, log-linear regression, variable selection, etc.    
·        Strong programming skills in: SQL, Python.    
·        Strong Experience in at least one of the listed data management tools: Talend, Matillion, Glue Data Studio, BODS, Informatica or similar ETL Systems.    
·        Strong Experience with Cloud Platforms such as AWS & Azure    
·        Experience with data visualization tools: Power BI, Amazon Quicksight, Tableau, R, Raw, chart.js, etc.    
·        Functional Experience & Strong Understanding of Customer Data Platforms, Data Lake and implementation experience.    
Education and Experience:     
·        Continuing education and training to stay abreast of latest developments and best practices in data analytics field.    
·        10 – 15 years experience in SAP as well as non-SAP based technologies not limited to cloud technologies. 


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science