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Requisition ID Title Location Date
8165 Section Head
8165 Section Head Kuwait, KW 05-Sep-2022
Kuwait, KW 05-Sep-2022
10711 Sr. Internal Auditor
10711 Sr. Internal Auditor KW 30-Aug-2022
KW 30-Aug-2022
8501 Alghanim Industries Academy - Finance & Accounting KW 28-Aug-2022
8541 Alghanim Industries Academy - Technology KW 28-Aug-2022
10126 IT Associate - Business Solutions
10126 IT Associate - Business Solutions KW 01-Sep-2022
KW 01-Sep-2022
9194 Sr. Officer - Business Licensing & Support KW 01-Sep-2022
5686 Head of Design (UI/UX)
5686 Head of Design (UI/UX) KW 02-Sep-2022
KW 02-Sep-2022
7033 Financial Analyst
7033 Financial Analyst KW 02-Sep-2022
KW 02-Sep-2022
9401 Introductory Internship Program for 1st and 2nd year students KW 03-Sep-2022
9386 Advanced Internship Program for 3rd, 4th year students and recent graduates KW 03-Sep-2022
9717 Call Center Agent
9717 Call Center Agent KW 05-Sep-2022
KW 05-Sep-2022
9090 Sr. Sales Associate
9090 Sr. Sales Associate KW 05-Sep-2022
KW 05-Sep-2022
8984 Section Head
8984 Section Head KW 05-Sep-2022
KW 05-Sep-2022
6261 Join the Alghanim Automotive Family KW 05-Sep-2022
9091 Designer
9091 Designer KW 07-Sep-2022
KW 07-Sep-2022
10531 Sr. Analyst - Projects
10531 Sr. Analyst - Projects KW 07-Sep-2022
KW 07-Sep-2022
7085 Sales Executive
7085 Sales Executive KW 07-Sep-2022
KW 07-Sep-2022
9661 Sr. Financial Analyst
9661 Sr. Financial Analyst KW 06-Sep-2022
KW 06-Sep-2022
10733 RMC Manager
10733 RMC Manager KW 05-Sep-2022
KW 05-Sep-2022
10734 RMC Analyst
10734 RMC Analyst KW 05-Sep-2022
KW 05-Sep-2022