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Requisition ID Title Location Date
5926 Buying Assistant
5926 Buying Assistant KW 20-Dec-2020
KW 20-Dec-2020
5957 Manager - Customer Value Management KW 20-Dec-2020
4876 Digital - Head of Enterprise Architecture KW 23-Dec-2020
4848 Sr. Planning Officer
4848 Sr. Planning Officer KW 25-Dec-2020
KW 25-Dec-2020
5389 IT Associate - Quality
5389 IT Associate - Quality KW 25-Dec-2020
KW 25-Dec-2020
5686 Head of Design (UI/UX)
5686 Head of Design (UI/UX) KW 27-Dec-2020
KW 27-Dec-2020
5727 Call Center Agent
5727 Call Center Agent KW 27-Dec-2020
KW 27-Dec-2020
5634 Section Head
5634 Section Head KW 29-Dec-2020
KW 29-Dec-2020
5725 Sales Associate
5725 Sales Associate KW 29-Dec-2020
KW 29-Dec-2020
6095 Legal Assistant
6095 Legal Assistant KW 30-Dec-2020
KW 30-Dec-2020
5745 Sr. Freight Coordinator
5745 Sr. Freight Coordinator KW 30-Dec-2020
KW 30-Dec-2020
5732 Marketing Executive
5732 Marketing Executive KW 30-Dec-2020
KW 30-Dec-2020
5581 Sr. Planogrammer
5581 Sr. Planogrammer KW 30-Dec-2020
KW 30-Dec-2020
4648 Carpenter
4648 Carpenter KW 30-Dec-2020
KW 30-Dec-2020
5624 Showroom Supervisor
5624 Showroom Supervisor KW 07-Jan-2021
KW 07-Jan-2021
5928 IT Business /Systems Analyst
5928 IT Business /Systems Analyst KW 07-Jan-2021
KW 07-Jan-2021
6034 Barista
6034 Barista KW 05-Jan-2021
KW 05-Jan-2021
5907 Floral Designer
5907 Floral Designer KW 10-Jan-2021
KW 10-Jan-2021
5936 Cashier
5936 Cashier KW 13-Jan-2021
KW 13-Jan-2021
5958 HR Associate
5958 HR Associate KW 12-Jan-2021
KW 12-Jan-2021