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Requisition ID Title Location Date
7079 Technical Lead
7079 Technical Lead KW 28-Jun-2021
KW 28-Jun-2021
7408 Digital Marketing Executive
7408 Digital Marketing Executive KW 29-Jun-2021
KW 29-Jun-2021
7085 Sales Executive
7085 Sales Executive KW 28-Jun-2021
KW 28-Jun-2021
7099 Accountant
7099 Accountant KW 29-Jun-2021
KW 29-Jun-2021
7328 Associate Financial Analyst (Kuwaiti National) KW 30-Jun-2021
6311 Sr. Sales Engineer
6311 Sr. Sales Engineer KW 02-Jul-2021
KW 02-Jul-2021
7102 Account Executive
7102 Account Executive KW 07-Jul-2021
KW 07-Jul-2021
7359 Financial Analyst (Arab National only) KW 07-Jul-2021
6239 Senior Business Analyst (Digital Customer) KW 09-Jul-2021
5907 Floral Designer
5907 Floral Designer KW 03-Jul-2021
KW 03-Jul-2021
6910 Assistant FGA Manager
6910 Assistant FGA Manager KW 03-Jul-2021
KW 03-Jul-2021
4911 Purchasing Engineer
4911 Purchasing Engineer KW 06-Jul-2021
KW 06-Jul-2021
7004 SAP IS-Retail Project Manager
7004 SAP IS-Retail Project Manager KW 05-Jul-2021
KW 05-Jul-2021
7324 Sr. IT Associate (Business/System IT Analyst) KW 05-Jul-2021
6888 Sales Associate
6888 Sales Associate KW 14-Jul-2021
KW 14-Jul-2021
6889 Cashier
6889 Cashier KW 14-Jul-2021
KW 14-Jul-2021
4330 Safety Officer
4330 Safety Officer KW 16-Jul-2021
KW 16-Jul-2021
6922 Business Analyst
6922 Business Analyst KW 17-Jul-2021
KW 17-Jul-2021
6991 Sr. Customer Service Representative KW 16-Jul-2021
5757 Assistant Accounts & Control Manager KW 11-Jul-2021